Medic Up International Classes

Medic Up International has been training our public safety professionals for over 10 years.  Listed below are two of our very popular classes.  Hosting agencies have the opportunity of hosting a 3 or 5 day class.  The most popular being the 5 day class.  The tactical medic program is designed for all personnel including but not limited to police fire and ems personnel.  From the basics of setting up your own tactical EMS program to building clearing, officer down rescue and active shooter scenarios the 5 day class covers all aspects of TEMS

The tactical patrol / active shooter course is law enforcement specific.  This 3 or 5 day course will cover different variations of medical care after the threat has been neutralized as well as officer down rescue techniques.


Medic Up is the command given to initiate medical care in the tactical arena. Is your team ready for that call? Are you ready for that call? Will you have the training and skill to perform your duties in an austere environment? Join us for a 3 or 5 day course that will prepare you for the tactical environment and learn the skills necessary to operate within the tactical arena.
The Medic Up Tactical Medic Training Course was developed to provide the most realistic and up to date training in the tactical medical field. This physically demanding 3-5 day course serves as an introduction to Tactical Operation Medical Support.

Medic Up offers a high speed mix of classroom, hands-on skill assessment centers and actual tactical scenarios that are as realistic as it gets. Students are introduced to both medical and tactical skills that are a necessity when operating on a tactical medic team. You will experience firsthand how to perform patient assessment, treatment and evacuation techniques in the most austere tactical environments. Learn how to bring good medicine to bad places.
The Medic Up Tactical Medic Training Course is for all aspects of public safety.


In today’s world we all know the dangers that exist.  This 3 or 5 day class will train patrol officers as well as officers assigned to your SWAT team how to add the medical element to your team.

During this class officers will receive a review of the active shooter response.  Adding the medical element for self aid, buddy aid as well as aid of the victims after the threat has been neutralized.
Traditional ACTIVE SHOOTER Schools deal with neutralizing the threat but what happens next..

This law enforcement specific class will add officer down drills as well as tactics to provide officer down rescue with vehicles.
Every day you make split second decisions while on patrol.  Let this tactical patrol class give you the tools needed to make life or death decisions on treating your own injuries or the injuries of your partner if the unthinkable happens.